About Me

I am a 22 year old male in the great state of Texas. I have recently become more and more aware of politics. This is mostly due to me being able to vote and beign surrounded by people at my college who vote democrat, not because they have ANY ides about the policies but because it is the cool thing to do. There are a few who are politically aware but from my experience they seem to be few and far between.  Im not just talking about students either, the professors are no better. Its nice to pay thousands of dollars every semester to go to this place of higher education and literally be singled out in class for being a conservative.

One day in my Comp 1 class we were giving presentations, a classmate spoke about global warming, playing the devils advocate I questioned her conclusion, supported by facts that I had discovered when doing research on the topic. The professor interupted me and asked why, "You conservatives have to be like that?" To which I replied its just a question. He told the my classmate she did not have to answer my questions, but when my speech came around and I spoke on the same subject, but on the opposite side, he wouldn't take student questions, but decided to drill me himself, for a considerable amount of time.

This got under my skin but it did lead me to further my knowledge on current politics.